Wednesday, July 25, 2012

$5 Duck Carcasses = stock, fried rice, confit and more!

So, duck, it's a luxury item, right?

Confit potatoes, rendered duck fat and roasted duck carcass
Nah.  For $5 from the nice man at Green Eggs and Ham, I was able to get not 1, not 2, but 3! 3 duck carcasses! *muwahahahahaha*  I can't afford a whole free range duck, so I might as well get the off-cuts!

I defrosted all three, gave one to my brother and kept two, of which I roasted.  My brother's a champ - stating that the flavour in the protein is enhanced when you roast the duck for 35 minutes at 350 degrees after it has been dried.  So, I roasted the duck, with a little water in the collecting tray, and rendered the fat. So now I have duck fat for confit!

But of course, I couldn't get all the fat out of the tray, so I took some baby potatoes and onions, and mixed it in with the fat I couldn't collect. Then I stuck them in the oven (with some S&P) and confited the heck out of them (for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees). Heheheh gourmet hashbrowns for tomorrow morning! Just reheat in a frying pan and serve!

Duck carcass boiling for soup stock
One carcass will be used for stock, so that I can then freeze and thaw when I need stock for sauces or soups, including my agedashi tofu recipe.

After all this I will be tearing the meat off the bones - and using it for duck fried rice as well as duck green onion cakes.

No wonder I liked all the duck shows as a kid - like DarkWing Duck, Duck Tales, and even the Christmas Special with Scrooge McDuck! I knew how delicious they were as peking duck, bbq duck and now, leftover duck.