Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Proscuitto snack

Proscuitto, Apples and Cheese with Maple Drizzle
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 2 - 3 minutes

Being pregnant, and having an athletic boyfriend, sometimes we require snacks to sustain ourselves between meals.

If you're hungry, craving a little salty and sweet, as well as protein, this fatty dish will satisfy you for a while! A little goes a long way (I go for small portions with big flavour). We shared one old gala apple between two people.

1 apple or pear (old ones work too), cored and sliced
Prosciutto pieces (same number of slices as apples)
Maple syrup
Small amount of cheddar &/or parmesan (or hard cheese of choice)
Small amount of parmesan

Lay out apples on oven safe plate.
Wrap or top apple slices with proscuitto.
Drizzle with maple syrup.
Toast in toaster oven like toast (our toaster oven takes 2.5 minutes)
Top with each slice with small slices of cheese

If you like your cheese melted on, top with cheese before drizzling syrup, and bake it.

Pork usually goes well with apples and pears (and even melon!). Substitute appropriate fruit and cheeses and mix and match until you find your favourite combination! If you use pancetta, you may have to cook it longer. :)

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