Friday, April 13, 2012

Maternity clothing...or...

It's time to revamp my style. Being pregnant has its drawbacks. Having been athletic and slim, it's kind of unnerving to hear a rip, then feel a breeze, when I pull on my low-cut pants. My pants don't fit, my tops are too skinny, my formerly buff arms are starting to get flabbier as I tone down my workouts.

Maybe it's time to revamp my wardrobe! I've had the same style for over 6 years, and this is a good excuse to make a change! It's a good thing I'm asian. Having pulled off plaid, check, polka dot and pinstripe all at the same time (same colour family), I believe I can pull off a completely revamped style.

But I don't want to spend a whole ton of money on clothing that I'll only ever wear while pregnant. That's why I went and spent $280 on clothing from YESSTYLE. It's an american site that stocks asian-style clothing (with influences from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan).

Yup, elastic waist skinny-pants, long flowing dresses and tunics are perfect for the summer, and contour around my belly nicely.
Cheaper than maternity clothing (ranging from $14 - $30 a piece), I will be able to wear these after delivery, and still probably rock it! (Plus, because they are completely different from western fashion trends, the clothing won't become outdated as quickly. It takes about 5 years for western fashion to catch up with asian fashion!)

That's the good thing about asian style, with more emphasis on the skinny extremities, and de-emphasizing curves, I don't feel as self conscious in leggings and a dress. The soft girl look can easily be combined with my partner's hoodies and jackets (which they even sell as "boyfriend" style).

It's not that I want to hide my belly. I just want to look pretty while I show it off! I mean, just because I can't afford to be a gourmand, doesn't mean I can't dress like one!

Photo credit: These pictures are taken off the YESSTYLE site. But seeing as I'm advertising them, and giving credit, I'm sure they won't mind. Plus, the model is WAY cuter than than me.

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