Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Experimental Ravioli

So - over the weekend, I went to my first food conference: the 2nd Annual Eat Alberta Conference. I learned to make macarons, ricotta cheese gnocchi, and pasta!

Pasta is pretty easy, but takes lots of hard work. Usually it takes 1 egg to 100 g of flour. And then ton of kneading. This was such a simple recipe.
However, I choose NOT to roll it out into pasta (tagliatelli) myself, and chose to keep it to make into ravioli. I was inspired by Daniel Costa, at Corso 32, who made a ravioli with an egg yolk inside, which, when you cut into it, would leak out....it was amazing. Best flavour ever - subtle and delicious.

I don't have a pasta machine, and with only a rolling pin, I could really only do so much. Yet I still tried:
See what I did there? :) There's tomato, soppresetta, bocconcini, and an egg yolk.

And man... I made the ugliest ravioli ever.

But I served it with a butter sauce, with garlic, shallots and sundried tomato - thickened with crushed walnuts, on a bed of spinach.

It tasted good though. Inside the ricotta filling was sundried tomato, roasted garlic and herbs de provence, as well as the soppresetta, tomato and bocconcini.

Well worth the attempt. Tomorrow, I'll be using the rest of the filling, perhaps in little tortellini if I feel the urge to procrastinate.


  1. Ugly ravioli's taste the same as the pretty ones ;)
    Did the yolk stay runny??

  2. Hahaha, nope - the first one broke when folding it over, the second broke in the cup after separation. :) I tried though! Next time I'm going to try it with just ricotta and yolk, and protecting the yolk with the ricotta.