Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

So, for my birthday, I have consumed:

Both are from Jack's grill. The first was an amazing duck breast from Brome Lake. AB, with duck ravioli and butternut squash (there was a hint of anise...very nice).  The second was a lamb with potato mash and lamb sausage. Both very delicious and very expensive...but we had a groupon. Thanks to my baby daddy Burkart for treating me to a lovely birthday dinner!

Following that, I went for inexpensive swiss fondue and chocolate fondue at Cafe Select. 'Twas extraordinary delicious, and at $60 for 5, including drinks, it was a steal of a deal. :)

On top of that...I received a birthday video from two wonderful friends who had Wil Wheaton wish me a happy birthday (from the Calgary Comic Expo).  10 secs from Wil Wheaton leads to a whole afternoon of school girl squealing (mostly out of me).

Happy Birthday to me indeed!

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