Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fruity Fruit-Teas

Longer wait = more flavour. I didn't add tea this time, didn't want the caffeine.
But normally, if I make a cup for another, I'll reuse their teabag in mine.
Less caffeine, still lots of flavour!
When I was a child, I loved when we harvested strawberries, and then made strawberry juice...not by pureeing or blending, but by steeping them in hot water for an hour, adding honey or sugar and then letting it cool. Of course, my mom would overdose the pitcher with sugar to add sweetness, but nowadays, a teaspoon of honey in a cup will do.  Experiment with any fruits you think might taste awesome.

Strawberry Lemon Drink (or Strawberry Lemon Pear Green Tea)

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: none
Makes 1 cup

1 strawberry, washed and cut
1/2 slice of lemon
1 teaspoon honey
hot water
Optional: Strauss Pear Green Tea from the Italian Centre - I often buy them on sale.

Boil water.  Wash and cut strawberry and lemon. Squeeze a little of the lemon into the cup if you want more lemon flavour. Add strawberry and tea bag and spoon with honey.  Pour hot water. Mix honey into the drink, let steep for a few minutes.


Experiment with other fresh fruits and teas - like pears, apples, mangoes, the parts of the pineapple you won't eat. There's even a mandarin black tea at the Italian Centre. I even have a french press I use sometimes to make large cups of tea + fruit.

Now be careful: Strawberries and apples are listed on the "Dirty Dozen" list. Try organic, pesticide-free fruits (when they're in season). I wouldn't want you drinking a cup full of steeped pesticides. So at the very least, wash your fruit as much as you can! :)

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