Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Motherly nature? Mother Nature?

Well, it turns out my black thumb isn't so black after all. Maybe there is a reason why people use the term "Mother Nature" instead of "Father Nature".  Now...I don't aim to be heterosexist or heteronormative...rather I think this is one of those smug pregnant women moments. 

In my youth, my impatience with all things showed especially when I was required to be responsible. I have tried to look after plants and small animals, usually with the result of death.  The smaller they were, the quicker they died (an african violet, guppies, a baby garter snake, a beta fish, a hamster...).  I didn't mean to kill them, in fact, I really wanted them to live! 

This is the latest attempt. :)
Note how the green onion shoots are actually growing?
But now, just starting out with my first mummy tummy (and the associated waddle), I just wanted to see if I could regrow spring/green onions tops for cooking....I'm having a lot more success, and working a lot more carefully (cutting off the dried parts while making sure that the stems all have access to water).

First attempt (pre-pregnancy), spring onions wilted and died in a day.
Second attempt (first trimester), spring onions kept well in fridge for about 1 month. Pretty impressive. I didn't think I could have done it.
Third attempt (second trimester), the spring onions are now outside on the kitchen table, basking in sunlight.  They started growing tall and strong! And smell delicious!
After that, I thought, maybe I could try this with my kale. They're kind of wilty now, but when I went back 2 hours later, one of stalks had stiffened up.   I'll keep you posted. 

Perhaps, growing a life form inside yourself makes you value life around you a little bit more.

Life seems more "equivalent". No one species is more superior, just as no person (child or adult) is more superior than another. Each person, animal, plant, bacteria seem to have a special role that helps the lifeforms around them survive....and hence the term "Mother Nature", in which that motherly role of something (the earth, the climate, etc...) is mothering of all the species around it... and perhaps any person who values another being of another species or class or age (whether a mother, a pet owner, a friend) might find this value in life as well!

I don't think I could have reached this epiphany without the newfound mommy patience acquired with my pregnancy (I am even less stressed around hyper children).  Here's hoping to continued growth in my self and the beings around me! :)

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  1. You probably have such a happy mommy glow! :D
    I have green onions in some water growing vigorously - that is, faster than I can use them as I also have chives outside I'm using too.
    I've never heard of reviving kale that way before... celery, but not kale.
    Be sure to keep us posted! :D